Project Description

These images were shot at the Sustainability Centre near Petersfield in Hampshire, in December 2015. The centre sits on the hills of the South Downs, functioning primarily as an educational facility in the areas of sustainable woodland management, waste management and sustainable building techniques. The centre is necessarily, as all sustainable projects must be, a business with a sound economic, as well as ecological, foundation; as such they also operate a woodland burial site, a campsite and a hostel.. This shoot was the first one of a series that aims to examine sustainable landscapes in the UK.

Timber and willow are harvested by coppicing, and the woodland is in the process of being returned to its original state by replacing commercial pine with indigenous species like beech and birch. Waste is processed through reed beds, and water is recycled. The buildings are all timber frame, canvass or hay bale structures peppering the woodland landscape inconspicuously; there is no clearly defined separation between buildings and the woods, it’s often difficult to identify where one begins and the other ends.