Project Description

These photographs were taken in Reading, but they could have been taken in many of the large towns I’ve seen such as Luton, Croydon, Watford etc. They are not images of a specific place, but of a generic urban landscape common to large towns in South-East England. My own response to this landscape is a combination of anxiety and anger; I am simultaneously alienated and confined.

The alienation is because there seems to be no place for individual identity, people are defined in terms of economic function; the place insists that at any time within this landscape we are either producers or consumers. The topography itself, the absence of the horizon with no view of the world beyond, denies any sense of place within the wider world.

The images were produced in a book of double-page spreads with full bleed edges, hence the panoramic format. The negatives were scanned and then interpolated three hundred percent to bring the grain to the surface in imitation of the brick and concrete surface depicted in the photographs.